The Sea of Red Lotuses, or the Lake of Red Water Lilies or what local people call “Nong Han Kumphawapi Lake หนองหานกุมภวาปี” , often just “หนองหาน Nong Han” or “Talay Buadaeng ทะเลบัวแดง (the Red Lotus Sea)” occupies 20,000 rai (8,000 acre) and it is a significant source of water for the Nam Pao River, the lifeline of the Udonthani province.

The lake is very shallow, mostly not exceeding a depth of one meter, but the unique feature of this lake is thousands of red lotus flowers sprout and completely transform the surface of Lake Nong Harn into a romantic dreamlike lake.

Dec Jan and Feb Are the best time to go and Visit

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                                                                     When to visit:

The red lotus sea is best witnessed in the cool season from November to February, it reaches full bloom in December.

The perfect time to see the beautiful red lotuses in full booming is in the morning from 6am to 11am when the flowers are fully opened, revealing their vibrant, pink color (not red, despite the name), but tourists can take a boat tour for sightseeing around the lake all day.


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Nong Han Kumphawapi is located north of the town Kumphawapi, Kumphawapi district in Udon Thani Province.

The lake is about 50 kilometers away from Udon Thani. The access point to the lake is in a village Ban Diam, which is just south of PrajakSinlapakhom town. In Ban Diam village, the access to the lake is at the backside of the temple.