Visit the temple on Na kha and park the car in the car park. At the same time you can visit the  silk shops in the Na Kha market.

Thailand’s ’Eastern Gateway‘ city, Udon Thani, is a large center of commercial activity in the very northeast of the country. It has a population of around 315,000 and a reputation as one of the ‘Big Four’ cities of Thailand’s Isan region. There are a few interesting sites to see in the center, especially the Buddhist temples and postwar cafés and bars. It is by venturing outside the city, though, that ex-pats living in Udon Thani can really start to explore. Some twenty miles away, the Ban Chiang archaeological dig is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a major ongoing historical discovery. And the Ban Nakha village is a great place to explore traditional Thai culture. For nature lovers, the nearby Sunshine Orchid Farm is famed for its vast collection of orchids. Similar to expatriates living in Udon Thani, these flowers benefit from the region’s consistently hot tropical climate.


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