First expression when I entered this water park is “Child-friendly”.
This water park is designed for young kids.
Most of the pool depth is 50-90cm. And at the bottom of the pool they put like a rubber carpet, which is good so your kid can walk in the pool with comfortable feeling.
The slides was okay, it is for young kids, remember?

Everybody who wants enter the pool must wear head cap, you can rent it here 10THB.

Many food stall here inside the pool. From the western menu to local menu. The taste is good and price is not too expensive. For the father, they also have bar that sells the beer.

Every transaction inside this attraction must use the coupon. You can change your cash to get coupon in the cashier inside the attraction. And you can refund the coupon later.

The bathroom is clean.

They also have other facilities inside, like a free wifi, a room for baby to play (nursery room), and in the afternoon there is a clown entertain the children.

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