Where is the Day and Night Bar Complex in Udon Thani?
Of all the ferang / girl y bars bars in Udon Thani, the Day & Night complex in Udon Thani is on Soi Samphan Thamit, off Prajak Siilapacom (where Nutty Park is located) that goes to the railway station, is arguably the busiest and most popular. It is a fairly large and open complex with a relaxed atmosphere and friendly girls. There is quite a range of ages and levels of attractiveness but as a persons looks are fairly subjective, it is impossible to say for certain if you are going to find what you consider to be an “eye popping” girl. I would say that most are pretty, perhaps in their own way, but one thing is for certain – they all play the game pretty well, just as they do in Pattaya, Bangkok and Phuket.

The bars at the front of the complex always seem to be the busier bars, while the ones at the other end appear to be deserted a lot of the time – however, they do push their beer prices higher to make up for the lack of clientele (they do not exactly do themselves any favors sometimes). What does not happen here, as it does in Pattaya, is that you are not literally dragged in to the bars, although most will say hello and perhaps do or say something to tempt you in. It is worth looking at all the bars first to see what and who is available and no one is going to mind you doing that

The bars in Day and Night are what I would call a typical Thai girly bar – a bar with a few stools around it, while some others have tables and small seating area, the occasional pool table somewhere, and widescreen TV’s where sports can sometimes be watched. Some of the bars play music, although sometimes annoyingly there are two or three bars are playing music at the same time and it can be hard to hear exactly what is going on. Drinks are about 60 baht for a small bottle (almost regardless of the beer) and lady drinks are well in excess of 100 baht in many cases.


                         Soapy Massages in Udon Thani

I am vaugly aware of one establishment where a soapy massage, and ‘extra’s’ is available in Udon Thani, which is opposite the Tonkoon Hotel on the Athipbodi Road, not far from Nong Prajak Park. The following information is not confirmed, as it is probably the only nightlife location that I have not yet visited in the city. By all accounts, it has the typical fishbowl arrangement for the soapy massage, a two hour Thai massage available for 350 baht (very reasonable) and oil massage for 550 baht (reasonable for Udon Thani). The girls are pale skinned and red hot by all accounts, with the extras guaranteed.

A number of the other massage parlours in Udon Thani, the ones in ‘ferangland’ have Jacuzzi baths advertised for about 600 baht (one hour I believe). Whether or not these become soapy massages or not, I can not say for sure, but would not be surprised under the right circumstances.

Could you get the extra’s here as well? Quite possibly, if you could convince a girl to join you for a soapy massage, there is a chance she may well be inclined to oblige in something more to please, and earn some more cash. I will leave this for you to explore for yourself, if it is what you are looking for, which if nothing else should be a bit of fun, particularly if you get lucky – Happy hunting!