Udon Thani Nightlife – Gay Bars

The gay scene is not ‘my thing’ so am unlikely to provide much beyond the basics of location and what may be offered in any of the gay bars in Udon Thani. I have only seen one “overtly” gay bar in Udon Thani, called “City Man”, and it is located just a few yards from the Wolverine go go bar. I have not been inside so cannot comment any further. As of today , I am not even sure if it still open, as I rarely venture down this road at night.

I am led to believe there are other gay bars in Udon Thani, which I will go out to explore at some point and add any new bars I find in the future, and those I am vaguely aware of are listed under ‘City Man’ below.

I only stumbled across City Man when a guy approached me as I headed to the Wolverine, enticing me and a friend in to the bar, wearing a very tight, sleeveless top, almost a stereotypical fashion sense was my thinking at the time.

Another location worth checking out is Nong Prajak Park, which has good potential from what I am led to believe, and by taking a casual stroll around the lake in the evening could well see you meet young men who will want to get to know you a bit better.

Mr Tongs

This is a restaurant and bar which used to be quite heavily populated by gay Thai men, and although numbers have decreased and the number of bar girls has increased, gay men and women are most welcome. Mr Tongs is just a short walk from Nutty Park, heading towards the Night Market. I am told that some lady boys do congregate here from time to time, if that is what you are looking for.

Opening hours are Monday to Sunday, 5:00pm to 1:00am