If you’ve never been to Karaoke in Thailand then you probably don’t even know what it’s really like and most of that reason is because you’re more than a little worried about getting ripped of and walking out with a 22,000 baht bill. And that can happen to most people especially those without many street smarts. So if you don’t know what you’re doing and you’re a complete sucker and don’t have 30,000 baht in you’re pocket then just don’t go!

So what should have his bill been like if he didn’t go crazy

1 Girl 250 baht * 4 hours = 1000
1 bottle of red * 1100
6 Mixers * 50 is 300
Mama Charge 600
Room Charge 800
Total: 4800

Now even that is kinda expensive which is why is better to go in with a group of guys so you can split the cost of the room charges and mama charges. Even still it can be cost prohibitive for most people but still you can have a really good time.

Unlike go go bars you don’t have to buy the girl a drink she’s already getting paid by the hour to stay with you anyway it’s not necessary and if they ask and you say no they won’t be offended. Don’t buy candy at a bloody karaoke take you’re own breath mints! And never ever buy a stuffed toy either unless of course you want to and have the money then buy all means. Think before you enter.