Where to Buy Western Foods in Udon Thani

100s places now sell western food all over the city.

There are a good handful of specialist outlets in Udon Thani that sell imported western foods. The most obvious place to shop would be big supermarkets – they are good for some western foods but not all. The specialist outlets have a more exclusive and hand-picked range.


Tesco Lotus, Big C, Makro, Tops and Villa Market all stock western foods – there’s ample supplies of cheeses, butter and margarines, soups, sauces and snacks. Villa Market is particularly good for imported American foods. Makro for bulk buying, though none of the big supermarket chains match the specialist western outlets in terms of luxury foods and popular brands.

Western foods in Udon Thani are big business and foreign visitors to the city will be pleased to know many of their favorite western goodies and midnight snacks are in ample supply.

The place i like the Best is   sizzlers food You have a great Menu and Salad bar. Beer wine served as well and Exotic drinks.


Sizzler. Central Plaza Udonthani, 4th Floor | Muang District, Udon Thani … Meals come with the all you can eat salad bar  best in UdonThani  2nd to none. 

VT Nam Nueng  Another top place to Eat  Viet nam food.

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