The new Terminal Build in Now open and they start Doing some flights.

Date: Jan-2017
Departures Arrivals
Airport: (UTH) Udon Thani International Airport
Udon Thani, TH

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Flight Carrier Destination Departure Status
DD 9201 Nok Air (DMK) Bangkok 7:35 AM Landed
DD 8611 Nok Air (CNX) Chiang Mai 7:40 AM Cancelled
SL* 601 Thai Lion Air (DMK) Bangkok 8:05 AM Landed
FD 2002 Thai AirAsia (UTP) Utapao 8:50 AM Landed
WE* 3 Thai Smile (BKK) Bangkok 9:10 AM Landed
TG 2003 ^ Thai Airways International (BKK) Bangkok 9:10 AM Landed
FD 3353 Thai AirAsia (DMK) Bangkok 10:25 AM Landed
SL* 605 Thai Lion Air (DMK) Bangkok 11:35 AM Landed
DD 9203 Nok Air (DMK) Bangkok 11:55 AM Landed
FD 3355 Thai AirAsia (DMK) Bangkok 12:10 PM Landed
WE* 5 Thai Smile (BKK) Bangkok 12:45 PM Landed
TG 2005 ^ Thai Airways International (BKK) Bangkok 12:45 PM Landed
SL* 607 Thai Lion Air (DMK) Bangkok 1:10 PM Landed
DD 9211 Nok Air (DMK) Bangkok 2:20 PM Landed
DD 8623 Nok Air (CNX) Chiang Mai 2:30 PM Landed
DD 9213 Nok Air (DMK) Bangkok 3:35 PM Landed
SL* 991 Thai Lion Air (HDY) Hat Yai 4:00 PM Landed
WE* 7 Thai Smile (BKK) Bangkok 4:05 PM Landed
TG 2007 ^ Thai Airways International (BKK) Bangkok 4:05 PM Landed
SL* 609 Thai Lion Air (DMK) Bangkok 4:40 PM Landed
FD 3171 Thai AirAsia (HKT) Phuket 4:50 PM Landed
DD 9215 Nok Air (DMK) Bangkok 5:05 PM Landed
SL* 611 Thai Lion Air (DMK) Bangkok 5:10 PM Landed
DD 8625 Nok Air (CNX) Chiang Mai 6:20 PM Landed
DD 9217 Nok Air (DMK) Bangkok 6:35 PM Landed
FD 3351 Thai AirAsia (DMK) Bangkok 6:50 PM Landed
WE* 9 Thai Smile (BKK) Bangkok 7:35 PM Scheduled
TG 2009 ^ Thai Airways International (BKK) Bangkok 7:35 PM Scheduled
WE* 11 Thai Smile (BKK) Bangkok 8:45 PM Scheduled
TG 2011 ^ Thai Airways International (BKK) Bangkok 8:45 PM Scheduled
FD 3357 Thai AirAsia (DMK) Bangkok 9:30 PM Scheduled
DD 9219 Nok Air (DMK) Bangkok 9:35 PM Scheduled
SL* 617 Thai Lion Air (DMK) Bangkok 9:55 PM Scheduled
8K* 525 K-Mile Air (HKG) Hong Kong 10:10 PM Scheduled