Wat Baan Waeng (also known as Pho Chair Sri) is an absolute gem of an attraction . Not for everyone

Wat Baan Waeng (also known as Pho Chair Sri)

Wat Baan Waeng (also known as Pho Chair Sri) is an absolute gem of an attraction, and one that is constantly being overlooked, perhaps because it is not all that well publicized (until now that is). Wat Baan Waeng is basically heaven and hell on Earth, in the eyes of Thai Buddhism, and has a range of larger than life statues and sculptures in depicted scenes to bear out the the polar extremes..As you enter the Wat or Temple, what awaits you is far from obvious, and you could easily think you are in the wrong place. To help you be sure you are in the right place, the first image is the first thing you will see on entering the compound. It is a really pretty Wat, although rather small, and perhaps spoil t a little with the flat tin roof

One of the Buddhist precepts is to avoid is sexual misconduct – something this tree full of naked women is here to try and tempt you into thinking…




Location and Directions

Wat Ban Waeng, also known as Wat Luang Pho Nahk, Wat Luang Pornaa, and Wat Pho Chai Si.
Address: Si Sa-at Road, Ban Phue, Udon Thani, Thailand, 41190 (GPS: 17.680175, 102.424972)
Directions: you’ll need your own wheels here. From Udon Thani, take route 2 north. Go about 13 km from the center of town. Turn left onto route 2021, then go 43km all the way to a T. Turn left, then go about 250 meters to the 2nd right. Go about 4.5 km to a four-way intersection. Turn left, then go 300 meters to another four-way intersection. Turn left, and immediately look right for the temple.
Hours: dawn to dusk
Admission: free

How To Get To Wat Baan WaengFrom Udon Thani, head toward Nong Khai on Highway 2, and just a couple of kilometers before the Na Kha Silk Market, turn left on to route 2012 heading for Ban Phue. When you arrive in the town, at the second set of traffic lights (where you can only turn left or right), turn right, and at the next set of lights, turn left. Route 2348). At the next village, take the 3rd left turn, and follow this road all the way to the next village (Baan Waeng). At the 3rd crossroads, turn left, and then next right. You will eventually come to a temple on the left – drive past it, and go round the S-Bend that follows. At the other end of the S-Bend, you will see Wat Baan Waeng.


GPS Co-ordinates 17.680141, 102.424962

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