Wat Sri Kra-Ang in Ban Na District Nakhon Nayok Thailand. how to go there by ahead to Nakhon Nayok but not to there. When you over Ongkharak not far just turn left and ahead to Ban Na District in Nakhon Nayok  and if you to intersection so ahead again till to turn right and have sign write “Sri Kra-Ang Waterfall” ahead don’t far you will see about big Buddha on the hill and can drive to the temple. This temple being to build by Loung Poh Cham-Ratt [the monk] him see this area very quiet and good for will build the temple and the local people there want to join too. but look like here not have to building long time till right now because I see weeds cover in the temple area.
Phra Phuttha Chinnarat Buddha Statue is the largest model in Thailand, build by brick and mortar with a lap width of 18 meters and high 30 meters. Built on a hill, high 150 meters above the ground.
Landmarks nearby to Wat Khao Kra-ang:
San Chao Pho Khun Dan and Rongphayaban Rongrian Nai Roi Phrachunlachomklao

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Wat Khao Hua Na, Rongrian Ban Khao Hua Na, Wat Prong Phai Chantharangsi and Wat Sila Lai Wongsa Wararam