Udon Thani has a large number of Buddhist temples, also known as Wat’s, and located in the city centre is the Udon Thani City Pillar Shrine

City Pillar Shrine (Udon Thani), Thailand

The City Pillar Udon Thani

The City Pillar is located near the city center, on the edge of the Thung Sri Muang square. The original shrine was inaugurated in February 1959 and has served as a shrine to the spirit of Prince Prajak Sillapakhom, the founder of Udon Thani, since that date. The shrine was made in Thailand from the highly esteemed “Koon wood”, to which spiritually beneficial properties are attributed. On January the 31st, 1995, a new, larger shrine was announced. This was also to be made of the wood and built in close proximity to the original shrine. The new shrine was blessed and opened in January 1999. The shrine attracts the population of Udon to pray for a stable life, family and livelihood. Incense sticks are often lit there for this purpose, with candles and flowers dedicated during the prayer. Also during the prayer the phrase “Namo Tassa Pakhawato Arahato Samma Sam Phuttasa” is repeated three times.

The City Pillar Shrine for the northern Thai city and province of Udon Thani

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