In the coming years, Google may implement more options for AdSense publishers. This will allow them to specify keywords of their own. While Google has been reluctant to do this, there is no indication that this will not happen in the future. In addition, a lot of people are demanding a clear requirement of the pricing policy of AdSense. At the same time, Google has given no indication of why this is not public information.

However, at the moment, as things prevail. it seems very much unlikely that such information will be present on Google AdSense. An additional feature that could find itself in the developments that may come up in due course would make website publishers with Adsense see which links are generating clicks on their website and based on what type of keywords or keyword phrases. But the key word in the world of google nowadays is RSS.

Since the key word in the world of search giant google nowadays is RSS, the possibility of sending ads targeted directly to users without any navigation on their behalf is becoming a reality with RSS. In addition to this, there are clear signs that Google will not let this opportunity get ahead of you. This is what things like interactive television and similar other items have been trying to do for quite some time.

On the other hand, in today’s digital world, the Internet would be a much better medium to do this, because there is no other good interactive media like the Internet. Having said all these things, at the end of the day, all these are mostly speculations and we all will be grateful to Google, if it surprised us with new features we would never have thought of all these years and we will definitely welcome it.

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