A SEX robot which “moans” when its boobs are massaged is all the rage in Europe and are becoming increasingly popular in brothels.


Europe has been gripped by sex robots since it was revealed that a bot named Fanny was more popular at a brothel in the capital, Vienna, than the actual prostitutes.

And after research revealed a third of us would happily have sex with a robot – and 40% would not consider they were cheating on their partner – the bots are growing in popularity more than ever before.

Since then, a growing number of Austrian brothels have been making the switch to include sex robots.

And now a bot named Samantha is causing quite the stir.

The robot reacts to touch, speaks multiple languages and is even said to be able to learn new things thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) software.

Samantha approaches visitors at the electronics festival – where it is currently being exhibited – by asking “How are you?” and is even seen looking people deep in their eyes or handing out hugs.


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