Police all smiles as drug lord “Ek Uan”‘s safes contain nearly 40 million baht in cash and gold

National police announced the results of four major drugs’ busts yesterday.


Leading the way was the arrest on a warrant of a major dealer known by the nickname of “Ek Uan” or Jirat Pensophonwit in Ayuthaya.


A total of 38,464,552 baht worth of gold bullion, jewelry, cash and watches was found in his two safes. Six other associates were later arrested in the Bangkok area and deputy police chief Chalernkiat Sriworakhan said that the total assets seized amounted to almost 200 million baht.


Two of the other cases involved Nigerian’s and cocaine.


Thai woman Nusara Chamkrom, 26, and Francis Okenwa from Nigeria aged 32, were arrested after 1.8 kilos of cocaine was seized at Suvarnabhumi airport on Friday. The drugs had come from Dubai.


In South Pattaya police arrested Kenneth Chiboge Prince also from Nigeria. A suspect package sent via private courier from Peru had been opened by police and found to contain 950 grams of cocaine. This led to the arrest of the recipient named on the package.


While in Rayong eight Thais were arrested with almost 200 kilos of ganja and 187 Ya Ba tablets on Saturday.

Great to find this lot at the one time. Happy times for the police and big Bonuses.