Informational Post about my recent experience with getting my Thailand Driver’s License.

Once you obtain a non-immigrant visa or establish you are a resident (such as enrolling kids in school, buy a car etc,) and are no longer a toursit, you need a Thai drivers licence as your national license and international driving permit is only legally accepted if you are a tourist.

Thailand Driver’s License for Foreigner

an Expat acquiring a Thailand Driver’s License

One exciting step in the process of living in Thailand for “long term” is obtaining your Thailand Driver’s License.  Although an International Driver’s license is recognized and accepted in Thailand it is only allowed to be used for 90 days.  After the 90 day period you could face serious problems in regard to Insurance should you get in a vehicle accident.  Insurance companies can refuse your coverage if you have exceeded this 90 day period without obtaining a Thailand Driver’s License.  You could also be questioned by Ts hai Police at one of the many checkpoints along Thailand’s highways.


In order to obtain a Thailand Driver’s License as a foreigner you must have a visa in a class other than a “Tourist Visa”.  In my case I have a Non-Immigrant O Retirement visa which easily qualifies you to apply for a Thai Driver’s License.  



Documents that I had to present


– Proof of residency/address: from Immigration office (Can also be obtained through your Embassy)


– Copy of your Passport showing my “Non-Immigrant O Retirement Visa” as well as the last Thailand Entry stamp and of course the page with my photo and Passport information.


– Copies of both your Driver’s License and International Driver’s License. (must be in English or they require you to get a certified translation completed for them)


– Medical Certificate which I obtained at our local hospital. This is a certificate stating that the named person is of good overall health and free of any physical or mental disease.  This can also be obtained from a private physician or clinic.




– 500 Baht for proof of residency from Thai Immigration

– 100 Baht for the Medical Certificate

– 205 Baht for the two year driver’s license


Total amount of fees = 705 Baht which is about $21.00 USD


Note: When applying for a Thailand Driver’s License you do not have to complete a written or driving test as long as you have a current valid International Driver’s License and a License from your country (must be in English Language or you need a certified translated copy of your license). You do have to take a test for color blindness, reaction test and peripheral vision test!

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