Smart Drive has been around for years, — not only can they teach you to drive, they can also issue your official Thai license at the end of the course! Need a license? Why not have a look!!

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Udon Driving School. The Driving School at Smart Drive offers the complete training package leading to the driving test. The tests are taken on the company’s training ground on site. The license can then subsequently be collected at the National Road Administration in Non Sung

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    How to get the Thai driving license

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If you hold a non-immigrant visa or an extension there of, then you can apply for a Thai driving license. If you stay longer than 6 months in the country, this is mandatory. There are two ways to obtain a Thai driving license:

1. you can take the Thai driving test, and if you pass the relevant theoretical and practical tests and meet the standards of health, responsiveness and vision, you will be issued with a Thai driving license.


2. if you already hold a driving license from another country and an International driving license, you will not be required to take the driving test, although you may be required to take simple responsiveness and vision tests. You will need a current health certificate, your yellow house book or certificate of residence, the national and international driving license, and of course do not forget to take copies of all documents and records. Some Licensing Offices will accept a valid workpermit as proof of residence.

Addendum to the license application with EU license:

We have been told that some Licensing Offices may issue the Thai driving license on basis of a translation of the EU driving license. In this case, the translation must be certified by the embassy of the country in which the license was issued, and then stamped by the Thai Foreign Ministry in Thailand.

List of documents to be submitted to the Public Roads Administration:

Upon payment of the appropriate fee, the Licensing Office will then take your photo and issue your first Thai driving license.

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