That depends on the number of days you overstayed in Thailand. The minimum charge is 500 baht per day and the maximum is 20,000 baht if you overstayed for 40 or more days. You should in all cases contact immigration they will advise on the best course of action we have no influence at all in any overstay matters.

UPDATE  Worth a mention.   It should be pointed out that “turning yourself in” means showing up at the immigration office, the airport or the border to pay the overstay fine. I would suggest anyone on an overstay of under 90 days to just pay the fine as you go to stamp out of the country.

I say this because IF you go to the immigration office to pay the fine you need to leave the country THAT day. OR you need to buy an extension denied 7 days to get out of Thailand stamp for 1900baht.

Notice also the banning for “getting caught out” inside Thailand. It states that an overstay of less than a year gets you a 5-year ban. <- That means IF you’re caught out on something else inside the country and they see you are on ANY overstay (even one day) you could be run thru the system and banned for 5 years.

My advice is DON’T OVERSTAY. It is not a joke, it is not to be taken lightly.

Over stay1a

Thailand enforces a 500 Baht/day fine for overstaying a visa. … If you were too verstay by 2 days you can guarantee that you’d be hit with a 1000 baht fine, and so on up to a maximum fine of 20,000 baht. They also stamp your passport with an “overstay” stamp to record the fact that you overstayed


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