Thai Driving Test for Ex-Pats


 fast-track’ method which is on offer in a test center just outside Udon Thani. By paying 4000 baht, providing 4 photographs, a copy of your passport and an address book, you can get a full Thai driving licence that covers you for both car and motorbike – even if you have no experience in driving either ever before – you do not even need to pass a driving test of any sort to demonstrate that you can actually drive. You do not even need to prove that you hold or once held a driving licence in your home country!


Once you submit an application for a Thai driving licence you are given an appointment to return to the test centre where you go through an eye test to show you are not colour blind and sit a multi-choice exam of 50 questions. Pass these two little tests and you are free to sit behind the wheel and drive off. The application form is all in Thai but the test centre staff will complete that on your behalf as part of the service.

There is a booklet you can ask for that gives a brief overview of the Thai traffic rules & regulations, and it is very brief! However, before you sit the test, you can get a ‘crash course’ of the rules before taking it, where you will be given all the answers to all the questions.

This service is not available at all driving centres though but I have only found one that does in the Udon Thani area. The Smart Drive centre is on the road that leads to Nong Sai from the Udon Thani ring road. Most of the staff speak very little English but the manager of the office does have a very good command of the language, and it is her that will help you through most of the process.

The application takes no more than 10 minutes and you give them 4000 baht to arrange everything else. Make sure you get a time and date to return for the actual test, which will normally be within 7 days of the application being made.


Smart Drive. They have their own mock up of streets etc. so pupils can learn the basics before they go out on the road. They do tests there too…… least they do for foreigners and I’m sure they do the same for Thai’s. No idea on the prices though.


168 Nongsai Rd.
Nongbua A. Muang
Udon Thani 41000
Phone: +66 (0) 42 322 500
+66 (0) 42 322 383
Fax: +66 (0) 42 322 500

Documents needed for a Foreigner:

1.  Application for Driving License

2.  Copy of  Passport and non-immigrant visa (original and photocopy)

3.  Copy of Thai Work Permit (If you have one)

4.  Proof of address – Residency Certificate

5.  Medical certificate

6.  Valid License or International License

7.  Foreign National Information Form with Photo

Details Below

1.  Application for Driving License (download from link above)

2.  A copy of your Passport  (Face page; VISA page; current TM6 card; latest entry stamp page);
NOTE:;Bring your original Passport also.

3.  Photocopy of a Valid Thai Work Permit – required only if you have one

4.  Proof of Address provided by the Immigration Bureau (Resident Certificate) or foreign embassy or

5.  Medical Certificate (Letter of Fit To Drive) – which you can obtain effortlessly from any doctor or
hospital.  Must be less than  30 days old. Usually around 100 to 200 Baht.

6.  A valid drivers license, and/or International Drivers License from your own country (if you have one),
which should be translated into English from your embassy if it is issued in any other language. One
signed copy of all pages. If you do not have a license, you must take the training course (2 hrs at
0900-1100am or 1300 -1500pm); written test (1100am or 1500pm) and driving test. A current
International license means you do not need to take a written or driving skills test. A foreign license
only, usually results in tests. Also, the license must show the class of license you have.

7. Photos – Photo’s are no longer required. They will take a digital photo for the new style card.

8.  Foreign National Information Form with Passport size Photo

As part of the whole application procedure all applicants must pass:

1.  A short eyesight test (color perception, peripheral vision, depth perception)
2.  Reflex examination
3.  Take a computer based test (in Thai & English language only) on the rules of driving

A fee of 205 Baht (for a car) or 155 Baht (for a motorbike)


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