The Nightlife is mixed in UdonThani lets take a look.BARS,  complexes,  Udon Day and Night   Nutty park.   Many Night Glubs and places to drink and have fun at night

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Where is the Day and Night Bar Complex in Udon Thani?

Of all the farang/girly bars in Udon Thani, the Day & Night complex in Udon Thani is on Soi Samphan Thamit, off Prajak Siilapacom (where Nutty Park is located)  that goes to the railway station, is arguably the busiest and most popular. It is a fairly large and open complex with a relaxed atmosphere and friendly girls. There is quite a range of ages and levels of attractiveness but as a person, looks are fairly subjective, it is impossible to say for certain if you are going to find what you consider to be an “eye-popping” girl. I would say that most are pretty, perhaps in their own way, but one thing is for certain – they all play the game pretty well, just as they do in Pattaya, Bangkok and Phuket.

The bars at the front of the complex always seem to be the busier bars, while the ones at the other end appear to be deserted a lot of the time – however, they do push their beer prices higher to make up for the lack of clientele (they do not exactly do themselves any favours sometimes). What does not happen here, as it does in Pattaya, is that you are not literally dragged into the bars, although most will say hello and perhaps do or say something to tempt you in. It is worth looking at all the bars first to see what and who is available and no one is going to mind you doing that.

Nutty park Is larger than  you think its L shaped at the Bottom to the Right hand side

    What are the Nutty Park Bars Like? in Nutty park

Most of the Nutty Park bars are the same as anywhere else in Udon Thani, or Thailand for that matter, however, there are a couple that is enclosed by and form what we might call a real ‘bar’. The Aussie bar in the far left-hand corner of the opening straight is a prime example.

I would, however, class Nutty Park as more of a social hangout for farang but there are still bar girls here to be escorted out for the night, just not in the same numbers as Day and Night. The girls here are not pushy either if you do not want their attention just politely say so and they will leave you alone.

                                            Night Clubs in UdonThani and Student bars
                                                      My thoughts on UdonThani ladies
                                           Where ever you go you will find lovely ladies
                        My choice would be to find Girlfriends and live like a butterfly.
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