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   Soapy massage, and ‘extra’s’ is available in Udon Thani

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Oscar Thai Massage

Old place.but cheap and good service…but…cold water…🤔


Location   The Charoensri Palace Hotel Udon Thani is located down in the heart of Udon Thani

Oscars shop front

There is only one real soapy massage parlour (aap-op-nuat) in Udon Thani and that’s Oscar in the western part of town not too far from Nong Prajak Park. There are about 10-15 girls in the fishbowl and 3-5 sideliners on the red couch at most times. Prices are 1,600 Baht for the fishbowl girls and 1,900 Baht for the sideline girls. The atmosphere at Oscars is quite relaxed, you’ll see many Thai guys just hanging out for hours drinking beer before picking one of the girls (or not).

The Papasan is very friendly, not pushing at all and does speak some basic English. The quality of girls may not be as great as in Bangkok, but there are a couple of young, white skinned and quite hot sideline girls, most of them have no children (you can ask the Papasan of course). Otherwise quite an old building and the same for the rooms that have seen better times, but it’s still alright and if you pick the right girl it’s definitely worth it.


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  Soapy Massages in Udon Thani

I am vaugly aware of one establishment where a soapy massage, and ‘extra’s’ is available in Udon Thani, which is opposite the Tonkoon Hotel on the Athipbodi Road, not far from Nong Prajak Park. The following information is not confirmed, as it is probably the only nightlife location that I have not yet visited in the city. By all accounts, it has the typical fishbowl arrangement for the soapy massage, a two hour Thai massage available for 350 baht (very reasonable) and oil massage for 550 baht (reasonable for Udon Thani). The girls are pale skinned and red hot by all accounts, with the extras guaranteed.

A number of the other massage parlours in Udon Thani, the ones in ‘ferangland’ have Jacuzzi baths advertised for about 600 baht (one hour I believe). Whether or not these become soapy massages or not, I can not say for sure, but would not be surprised under the right circumstances.


Could you get the extra’s here as well? Quite possibly, if you could convince a girl to join you for a soapy massage, there is a chance she may well be inclined to oblige in something more to please and earn some more cash. I will leave this for you to explore for yourself if it is what you are looking for, which if nothing else should be a bit of fun, particularly if you get lucky – Happy hunting!

                     2 min from my Apartment and i have not been for a Visit
Oscars map google
                            Soapy prices in Thailand this price list is from Bangkok

               How the pricing of girls work

Generally speaking, the younger the girl working in the soapy, the more money she will cost. I saw plenty of nice looking girls around the 2,500 mark so don’t think you need to spend a lot to get someone attractive. A lot of the girls that are worth 6,000 baht upwards western people will not find so attractive, as they are priced by what Asian men find attractive in girls.

The first time you walk into a soapy massage in Bangkok it can be quite an imitating feeling with hundreds of girls looking at you. My advice would be to sit down and have a beer before you do anything else. If you are happy with the place and setup, take time looking at various soapy girls, make eye contact and see who looks at you back and smiles, going with a girl who is warm or receptive is going to usually result in a better experience.

When getting your first soapy massage in Bangkok, do note that there is no bar fine. Each massage shop will have its own private rooms where the massage will take place. If you want to take a girl back to your room, that is not always possible

Do I need to worry about ladyboys?

I have yet to see a Thai ladyboy in any of the soapy massage shops I’ve listed above. As far as I know, none of them has ladyboys in their shops, but if you’re worried you can always ask the mamasan or papasan.


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