The steps necessary to take a car into Laos.

You must have an international driving permit. The fee is 550 baht. This is in theory. According to a friend of mine who went many times, an English language version of a Thai driver’s license is sufficient.

You must also have an official passport for your car.

This may be obtained from the Department of Transport branch at which your car is registered, or from the Department of Transport within the province of the border crossing that you wish to use. The fee is 50 baht. In Nakhon Ratchasima, the Transport Department is just beside Tesco-Lotus.

The documents required to obtain the car passport are:

1. A copy of your house book.
2. A copy of your ID Card.
3. A copy of the cars log book, showing the owners name and address.
4. A copy of the cars log book, showing the road tax paid page.
5. If the car is not registered to you then a power of attorney signed by the registered owner giving permission to take the car out of the country.