Are you living or staying in Thailand for more than a short holiday?
If the answer is yes, you should consider getting a Thai driving license. Police routinely set up roadblocks to stop motorists and check if they have their license and vehicle tax in order. Fines for driving without a permit, are to increase significantly in the near future (including jail term). If you have a Thai driver’s license in such a checkpoint situation, you will be cleared in less than a minute.
You can use an international driver’s license as a tourist, but if you have been in the country for 60 days or more, then legally you are supposed to get a Thai driver’s license. With a driver’s license from your home country, the process of obtaining the TH license is not too difficult. With a valid license, you do not have to take any theoretical or practical (driving) exams.

5000 fine
There are 2 separate driving licenses in Thailand, one for a car, and another for motorbikes. You get 2 different physical cards, you´re able to obtain both at the same time.
The first time you receive a Thai driver’s license, you will receive a temporary driving permit for 2 years. If the first 2 years are over, you must make another trip to the Department of Land Transport and get a regular license that is valid for 5 years.

                      Would you drive a Motor Bike or car home without a licence?


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