Building a 2 bedroom Villa with front and back extensions for Under 500,000 baht extra kitchen included in the 500,000 baht Build costs. Build with the swimming pool and outside pumphouse and  Toilets. Shower. Still well Under 1 million baht.  We have drawing and information how to build and Costing. The basic Villa standard is 360,000 baht.  With Aircondition and Extensions and large outside kitchen, the cost will be closer to 500,000 baht.  We sell the Drawings and material and labour Costings for 1000 baht

Includes delivery in Thailand. You are welcome to come and visit us and take a look inside the villas.  0868 592 986  Monday to Sunday after 10 Am    Thank you

You can pay with pay pal and get quick delivery  hit the payment link below

The Drawings are warranted and approved for Construction in Thailand

Building a low cost Villa in UdonThani Under 500,000 baht
We can post the plans out to you next day if you make payment. If you send payment early morning we can post the same day mon to Sat. 0868 592 986
Building a low cost Villa in UdonThani Under 500,000 baht

Plans how to build a 2 bedroom villa including delivery in Thailand

Selling plans how to build this 2 bedroom villa on a low budget price includes Costing for materials and labour.