Policeman shoots dead male tourist at Trendy Building in Bangkok

Reports are coming in of a shooting of a male tourist aged about 35-40. 

A corpse was shown in pictures in front of Dunkin Donuts at the Trendy Office Building and Plaza in Soi 13. 

Daily News said the shooter was a policeman attached to crime suppression duties at Lumpini police station. 

The Thai girlfriend of the tourist was on the scene in tears, they said. 

An argument had broken out between the cop and the tourist in Soi 11. After a fist fight the policeman is said to have chased the tourist before shooting him in the head. 

The cop is on the run. 

Policenews.co.th said that the area of Trendy was sealed off and is now a crime scene. 

Lumpini police are investigating and medics and forensics were on the scene.

Thaivisa notes that Trendy is known to many people as a location where applicants can seek UK visas. 

More about this as we hear of it.