The Thai property market is ripe for investment, and it is incredibly simple and easy for foreign investors to purchase property in the country.

Why Should You Invest in Thailand?

If you’re looking to invest in property and want to widen your investment net then Thailand is a great choice for the following reasons:

  • The country’s economic fundamentals are improving considerably, meaning that industry professionals are currently predicting 10% growth year on year for Thailand’s residential property market.
  • Thailand is one of the least expensive Asian country’s to fly to, making it an easy to visit your property and maintain hands-on contact with your investment portfolio.
  • Foreign investors are seen as an incredibly attractive proposition by the Thai government, who are looking for big investment opportunities within the country. As a result of this, the process involved in purchasing property in the country for foreign investors has been simplified, making it as easy as possible. Private investors in the country are also not required to pay capital gains tax, and the ongoing taxes they are required to pay are also remarkably low.
  • Thailand is currently proud to boast the largest growth market across all of Asia. As a result of this, a great deal of foreign investment is being made in the country, and the market is ripe for this investment. Thailand is one of Asia’s economic leaders and is proud to have one of the fastest growing economies on the continent.

How to Buy Property in Thailand as a Foreign Investor

Both internal and foreign investors looking to invest in property in Thailand are currently shifting their focus to Thailand’s expanding domestic rental market, with demand far outstripping demand for these kinds of rental properties. The process of investing in these kinds of properties for foreign investors is surprisingly straightforward.

Generally foreign investors are allowed to purchase leasehold properties in Thailand, but aren’t allowed to own large amounts of land in the country: Officially, foreigners may only own up to one rai of land (equivalent to 0.4 acre) for residential purposes, and only if granted permission by the Minister of the Ministry of Interior (this permission is relatively simple to obtain). In order to purchase this land, the investor must remit a total of at least THB 40 million into Thailand over a minimum period of five years (there is no maximum period for this expenditure) in a specific businesses or activities. However if you are simply interested in investing in leasehold property and buying property in Thailand then the rules involved are very minimal.

Foreign investors are incentivised to own property in Thailand by the Board of Investment (BOI) who are also a very helpful resource to guide you through the process of purchasing your property.

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