The nightlife for foreigners in Udon Thani is very easy to find. Basically, you have two adjacent streets with a total of around 30 bars But for local ladies, you have far more Choices for bars and nightclubs.

Local bars like Nutty park and day and night have no local ladies other than bar ladies. Closer to the Universities you have lots of bars and lovely local woman Drinking at weekends.

Rhythm Nightclub (Udon Thani) Lots nicer local ladies

Local night Clubs and bars the locals drink in are 10 time more busy than bars in the Complexes. Look up if you are looking for local ladies or girls. And see how many are looking for Men.

Nutty park Limited choices Day and night the same Local ladies are the best out with the bars..
Udon Thani has a very good nightlife scene. The area between Central Plaza and the train station on Prajak Road has plenty of bars, two multi-bar complexes

What you need to know about Girls and Bars in Udon Thani

Local bars are very good as well out with Day and night and Nutty park

This section, and most ferangs favourite section, is dedicated to the naughty nightlife for ferang in Udon Thani and the girls that work in the bars, solely to entertain the ‘wealthy’ western visitors, and what you need to know about girls and bars in Udon Thani. 

Just about all the bar girls in Udon Thani think everyone that visits, is loaded to the gills with cash! Well why not? Most foreigners do seem to spend their money quite willingly to have sex with one (or more) of the bars girls in Udon Thani (as they do in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket).

Okay, by girls I am talking mostly about working girls but some of this is also dedicated to the girls who do not ply their trade in the bars. Like anywhere else in Thailand, where there is a city with ferang visitors there are girls working in the local bars looking to earn some money, find a husband or both. Firstly I would point out that Udon Thani does not have a sex scene in the same sense of Bangkok or Pattaya does but it exists and thrives on a seemingly endless stream of ferang from all over the world.

There are two “main” areas, Day & Night near the Plaza shopping centre and a smaller complex called Nutty Park. From a personal point of view, even for someone who is not looking to take a girl away for the night, I have found both to be a little disappointing and just a bit too quiet, but then perhaps I am judging this, unfairly, with the delights of Pattaya and Bangkok. Plus, I have only visited them in the low season in July. Perhaps I should have a wonder down there in late December and see if it is buzzing and report back.

Prostitution is illegal in Thailand, so in essence, you are not paying anyone for sex as such. These girls that work at the bars are ‘entertainment’ and/or waitresses that are happy to spend time with their customers and even accept a drink from them. The payment you make to take away one of these girls is compensation to the establishment for taking away one of their entertainers/waitresses. What you do after that is up to you but any money you directly give the girl is a gratuity, a way of thanking them for spending time with you and hopefully making you happy.

What are the Bars like at Day and Night?

They are what I would call a typical Thai girly bar, a bar with a few stools around it, some other tables and small seating area, many with a pool table somewhere (although not all have this). Some play music, but again not all but there are times when two or three bars are playing music at the same time and it can be hard to hear exactly what is being played. Drinks are about 60 baht for a small bottle (almost regardless of the beer) and lady drinks are well in excess of 100 baht in most cases.

None of the girly bars in day and night offer much in the way of a cozy atmosphere but in general they are pleasant enough, clean and okay to spend a few hours and if you want to just talk, you can.

Opposite, and a little to the right, of the Day & Night bar complex, is a small clutch of bars, with a small side road that almost go unnoticed. There are 3 bars on this small side street with a few empty units waiting for tenants to occupy them, For whatever reason, it appears that other than the bar that faces the road, none of the others do a great deal of business, but they still have some girls working.

Among the common factors of the bars in Day and Night is that they all have ‘private’ toilets to the rear, which are often used for personal services (i.e. oral sex), so if you fancy a quick BJ, your almost certainly going to get it here. I have heard reports that some bars charge a bar fine, although technically the girl has not left the bar! I would suggest this is challenged if it happens to you.

Predictably enough, there is an ATM machine right outside the Day and Night complex, just in case you do find a ‘plaything’ for the night, but are a little short on cash. Also, right next to the ATM machine is a recently opened, and very small bar. It’s actually quite good but only need 8 or 10 people there to make it looked packed.

Heading south, and on the way to Nutty Parkthere is yet another bar that wants to lure ferang, but if the girls are not outside, trying to get you to go in, you probably walk past it without noticing it!

How Much do the Bar Girls in Day and Night Charge?

Based on a few recent conversations with a number of the girls here the short time rate asked is typically 1000 baht, with an overnight rate of 2000 baht, and the bar fines are generally around 300 baht. Other than the bar fine, actual costs can be negotiated on an individual basis but some girls will not move from their stated price, even when the bar is due to close, although of course it is always worth trying to get the rate a little lower if at all possible.

Some of the girls here are prepared to take you to a toilet at the back of the bar for oral sex, if that is what you fancy but this is not common practice from what I can ascertain. Those that will, may well try and get 1000 baht for it (a bit cheeky but they have got to make money too), you should be able to get this fee down to half of that with some persistence.

Other Bars Near Day and Night

At the northern end of Soi Samphan Thamit, right on the corner with the junction with Watthananuwong (opposite the new 7/11 store and Udon Star hotel), is another clutch of bars, where working girls can be found in the evenings and sometimes in the afternoon. These bars are typically a little more lively and less sterile than those in Day and Night, although many of the girls speak poor English.

Local bars for locals and Nightclubs are the place to go unless you are old and past your sell-by date 555

Bars Nightclubs Soapy and Rock and Roll Something for everyone in UdonThani. Another great thing about the nightlife in Udon Thani is that the supply of girls by far always outnumbers the men 3 to1

Go for a look and see how quiet it is then visit local night clubs 20 /1 more Customers