As many have heard the U.S. & U.K will no longer issue the “Income Statement” as proof of monthly income of the required 80,000, and 40,000 Baht respectively in lieu of the 800,00 and, 400,000 Baht in a Thai bank. From the U.S. Embassy, I received this in an email notice.  Which included two links to Thai Immigration stating a bank statement or, a letter of sorts from the bank will be acceptable.

As many know printing a bank statement is a simple matter. I do it every month for my own records. Just wonder if this will suffice? I have downloaded the requirements in both English & Thai and intend to present them at my bank. If such a letter meets this requirement. I also download, and print my U.S. Bank statement as a matter of habit.

Since it is not 2019 yet, and no one has had to face this issue yet, just wondering if anyone has a new information unknown to me, or others. I don’t renew my Married ‘O’ Visa until August 2019. In ten years of being retired, and getting a Married ‘O’ visa,  I have never been able to submit the paperwork required in just one trip. This year was the fastest, three trips to Immigration in two days, as they seem to always want something new. This year for the first time they wanted a photo (Besides the one’s required) of the house owner holding her I.D. to include us in the photo.

I have also contacted my U.S. bank’s I.T. agent to be sure my ACH transfers are in the IAT protocol, to take effect April 1, 2019, which it is. He said that notice from Bangkok Bank New York was to bring them into compliance with U.S. Home Security laws. It has nothing to do with Bangkok Banks change of policy. As most do I use ACH transfers of funds as I need them here. My U.S. bank charges me nothing up to $25,000 USD per day. I never transfer more than $10,000 or have more than that in total of our bank accounts. Because I don’t want to be bothered with filing the FBAR ( Foreign Bank Account Reporting for U.S. citizens living abroad ) which is annoying, and can only be done online.

If anyone has any new information, I’d appreciate a reply.

We will add more info on Visa Requirements and updates soon