BANGKOK — If you’re stopped by traffic police, don’t whip out your phone and show them a digital driver’s license touted by transport officials just yet.

BANGKOK — Forgetting one’s driver’s license at home won’t be a problem starting tomorrow when they go digital.

An electronic version for both cars and motorcycles goes live nationwide on Tuesday from the Land Transport Department.

Update: Smartphone Driver’s Licenses Not Accepted by Cops

Drivers must download the free DLT QR Licence application (iOS/Android, currently unavailable). Once it’s  installed, drivers can register by email and phone number, then scan the QR code on the back of their physical driver’s license.

Those holding cards printed before QR codes were added in September 2017 can contact the department to get their e-licenses.

Apart from being used as a digital driver’s license, the application will also provide information about the holders’ traffic tickets and offer reminders to renew their licenses.

Police said Tuesday they would not recognize digital driver’s licenses until a legal amendment is in place. Failing to show physical licenses will result in a fine as per current laws, Maj. Gen. Ekkalak Limsankart told reporters.

“The Royal Thai Police has already notified the Department of Land Transport and asked them to delay the use of digital driver’s licenses until legal amendments are completed,” Ekkalak said.

Ekkalak said legal backing for the digital ID is included in drafts of a pending amendment to current traffic laws to be deliberated Thursday by the interim parliament.

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