Officials throughout many parts of Thailand will start requiring rental businesses, to only rent to tourists that have an international driver’s license. Your regular driver’s license isn’t valid in Thailand, but many rental companies haven’t been requiring an international driver’s license. You can get an international license in the USA for example at AAA locations for about $20. #thailand#scooters#scootersthailand#carrentalsthailand

  What to Bring to Rent a Motorbike in Thailand

  • Passport.
  • Contact information, such as your Thai telephone number or address, or your hotel.
  • Cash. Budget roughly 150 to 450 baht ($5 to $15 USD) per day, depending on your motorbikepreference. Credit cards are rarely accepted.
  • At least a little motorbike riding experience.

What to Bring to Rent a Motorbike in Thailand

  • Passport
  • Contact information, such as your Thai telephone number or address, or your hotel
  • Cash. Budget roughly 150 to 450 baht ($5 to $15 USD) per day, depending on your motorbike preference. Credit cards are rarely accepted.
  • At least a little motorbike riding experience

Most motorcycle companies don’t ask to see proof of a driver’s license, and some don’t even ask if you’ve ever ridden a motorbike before. As long as you can drive away from their shop without toppling over or crashing into something or someone, you’re as free as a bird.

Keep in mind, though, that you are driving at your own risk (and others on the road) if you don’t have much experience!

What to Expect from Motorbike Rental Shops

  • Rentals are in 24 hour increments for daily use
  • Discounted rates are given for weekly and monthly rentals. You can expect to pay about 1,000 and 3,000 baht, respectively.
  • Basic helmets are provided (most often they are visorless and not full-faced)

Sometimes the longest part of the process is picking out which bike you want!

Once you’ve chosen a motorbike, all it takes is a few minutes to fill out a contract with your name, passport number, and address of where you are staying in Thailand. The shop will take note of the return date and how much you paid up front.

Then you’re handed the keys, a helmet, and are ready to go.

What to Expect from Really Good Motorbike Rental Shops

In addition to the above list, excellent motorbike rental shops will also provide:

  • Motorbike Insurance: We don’t recommend driving around without it! Although some repairs can be cheap, serious damage may not be within your budget.
  • Health Insurance: Health insurance should cover both the driver and passenger(s).
  • Copy of Passport: In lieu of handing over your passport, some places will only ask for a passport photocopy and/or a cash deposit.

Before Zooming Off

  • Inspect the motorbike before getting on. It is wise to take pictures of or take note on the original contract of any existing dings, scratches, or broken bits. This is especially important for newer motorbikes.
  • Hold on to a copy of the contract so you know exactly where the rental shop is and when the drop-off date and time are.
  • Ask were the nearest gas station is and immediately fill up on either gasohol 91 or 95 (just ask the rental company) for about 30 baht ($1 USD) per liter.
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