Organic farm Homestay in UdonThani Fully licences to operate in UdonThani, We Don’t Advise you to work on Any farms in Thailand if you are offered its totally Illegal in Any form. We offer you the Chance to see how it’s done and you can look at the Organic Fruit and veg and welcome to eat with us.


Bananas Mango papaya and other Fruit Trees all over the farm

Mango Trees all over the Grounds
Custard apple trees in the Grounds

The farm has a pool and Extra large kitchen for Cooking

Private pool villas 1 and 2 bedrooms from 599 baht per night

We grow Fresh fruit every day

Our farm has extensive gardens with many fruit Trees and bushes
Welcome to come and stay with Us. 0868 592 986
our standard Rooms start at 299 baht per day 0868 592 986 4999 baht per month.