minibus from outside Central Plaza 55 B one way. Approx 45 min

Minibus UdonThani to Nongkhai outside Central plaza 55 baht


Tourism Office
– The T.A.T. Tourism Authority of Thailand office is located off Mittaphab Road just south of the Govt. Administration area at grid code LY331 THIS MAP. The office has friendly staff and is open every day but closed for mid-day lunch.

Coming Into Thailand from Laos
– tuk-tuks and small buses are available at the Thai border immigration post after you enter Thailand to take you into Nong Khai town or elsewhere. Chartering a tuk =uk for the 5 km trip to central Nong Khai should cost about 80 baht if only one person or 50 baht each if more than one passenger.

Bus Transport
– The main Nong Khai bus station is at grid code LC340 on THIS MAP in central Nong Khai. There is no complete departure schedule at the station and many of the individual schedules are not in English. Since Nong Khai is at the northern Thai border almost all buses head directly south on Highway 2 at least as far as Udon Thani and many continue on to Khon Kaen and further south. In Thailand, most buses depart either early morning or in the evening with few departing mid day.

There are frequent white minivan buses going to Udon Thani for 50 baht leaving every 30 minutes or so when each is full – most go to central Bus Terminal 1 in Udon Thani (for transfer to buses to Bangkok, etc.). These white vans depart from the Nong Khai central bus station as well as from a place about 200 meters from the Thai Immigration building at Friendship Bridge (just past the 7-11 store on the left as you walk away and south from immigration).