Best value land Ready to build in 1600 square meters. Its got access on 2 sides. so you can build 2 houses. Full Title deed.

OPTION 1 you can buy in a Thai Name today,

Plot 2 and 3 Available for sale Rent or lease

OPTION 2 lease it for 30 years pay 1 time 200,000 baht with the option to sell on anytime and make a profit.

OPTION 3 rent it for Free as long as you hold it. After you want to give it up We will offer you a full Refund on the Rent Money. 200,000 Bhat up front to Rent it as long as you wish.

The land has access on 2 Sides and 2 access roads into the land 0868 592 986

If You need larger land we have lots for Sale or lease Rent.

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