UdonThani  Thai Nightclub / Disco with a Live Band. Very popular amongst the locals; typically you’ll get a small table near the stage (dance floors a Western concept) order a bottle of your favourite spirit (or bring your own) and order mixers from one of the serving staff. 

A good place to go and Mingle and Find new friends opens at 8pm till late

If you want to sample real Thai nightlife this is a must visit. The music is a mix of Thai and Western and the partying goes on into the early hours. Drinks are cheap and the atmosphere “sanook” (fun); great if you’re with friends but if you’re on your own don’t worry as it just means it’s an opportunity to make some new friends! More

The place is nice and the public rather young but we are welcome at any age. The musical groups follow one another on the stage, so there is something for everyone. You can drink a beer but the whiskey is by the bottle (affordable price). No dance floor (as always in the real disco Thai) we wiggle around his table. It is obviously very noisy as it should be


I’m a little bit old to be going to nightclubs. And of course, I went at 9pm so that I could be home at a reasonable time. The tuk-tuk drivers (lovely blokes, the lot of them) out the front of the hotel all assured me that no-one goes at that time, but not to be deterred I went in, and sure enough, I was one of the first half dozen. Did it matter? Not a jot. The first band started and it was as if I had my own private concert. 

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I didn’t get home at a reasonable hour. Instead, against all my expectations, I had one of the best nights I have ever had going out in Thailand. Everyone was friendly, good wait staff, really good (and varied) bands, and an awesome atmosphere. 

Just go. But go early and get the best seats in the house like I did.