Building a low-cost villa 1 double bedroom living room kitchen and shower suite We have the Building cost and plans for sale. you are welcome to come for a look inside the Villa, When you buy the plans i will show you how and what you must do before you even start the build. I can save you 1000s of Baht later if you only listen to my Advice. Tel 0868 592 986

This is the Villa completed ready for Rentals or visit to inspect the layout and buy plans.
This is the villa when we complete the building work

Building a 2 bedroom villa for Under 500,000 baht welcome to come for a look and see how you like the layout. We can extend the villa and offer more facilities. The plans are 1000 baht with building costs Itemised

We have the drawings and Building cost sheet for sale 1000 baht.
You are most welcome to come for a visit and see how you like the Completed Villa.
0868 592 986 for a Visit,

All i need is your Full name and address and I will post within 24 hrs

Included in the price is valuable Tips and information

1 bedroom plans for sale only 590 baht includes delivery in Thailand

One bedroom plans for sale you are also welcome to come for a look and see the inside and ask questions


2 bedroom Villa plans for sale includes postage in Thailand

You are welcome to come for a look and see the layout. We can offer advise how to save money on building materials.