Located in the Middle of the City The city Shrine has nice things to look at. City Pillars Shrine In UdonThani . Located in the Tung Sri Mueang field in middle of the city, San Lak Mueang (the City Pillar Shrine) was established in 1999. It is believed that the city’s guardian Worth a Visit for sure.

Udon’s city pillar is guarded by an impressive and fearsome-looking yaksa (giant) and protected by a plastic case.

Udon Thani – City Pillar Shrine. Naturally, Udon Thani has a large number of Buddhist temples, also known as Wat’s, and located in the city centre is the Udon Thani City Pillar Shrine,  #Udon map City Shrine Ref 012

Udon Thani City Pillar Shrine—Udon Thani City, Thailand Welcome to Visit – Leeya law Resort UdonThani | UdonThani Temples and Shrines ,

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