Welcome to UdonThani accommodation We have Apartments Rooms and Villas for Rent.

1 Bedroom apartment for Rent or for sale 1.4 Million baht or 12000 baht per month Rent. Holiday Rentals 699 baht per day. 0868 592 986

Extra large Apartment for rent With Extensive kitchen and pool You can Rent per day or per week. Udon country club UdonThani 0868 592 986

1 and 2 bedroom Pool Villas for Rent per day or per week, from 699 baht per day 3900 baht per week. Car Rental option 699 baht per day. Motor bike rentals 100 baht per day, 0868 592 986 Leeya Resort UdonThani

We have a good selection of properties for Rent Welcome to UdonThani

e mail Udonpropertysales@gmail.com

Welcome to Udon Country club UdonThani 0868 592 986