Above ground pool going Under ground is it a good or bad Idea ?

day 1 building a pool.

Day 2 Doing the Concrete

day 3


Just Steel and Block and an inside Lining.


Day 5 adding the steel liner.

Day 6

Ready to do the Tiling round the pool.
Concrete and tiles complete
Add pool furniture. We will add the bad points on the next update.

When you look at the cost to do the pool and how long it will last it costs you a lot over the 10 years life span it has this liner discolors and all the plastic Bits last 1 year in the sun. so all its a Costly investment. Double Concrete blocks and tiles would be 100% lower cost and last 5 times longer.

Double blocks are 12 baht each Ceramic Tiles 160 baht per meter Fitting the tiles 170 baht per meter. Work out your pool size and do the Calculations

to dig the pool is about 8000 baht but you can sell the Soil or Use it in your grounds. We will build a Double block Swimming pool soon and show you the best pool in Thailand for low cost.