Building a new house is not so Expensive prices can start as low as 290,000 Thai baht. You can do so many Thinks to cut down costs when you self build.

Hire a Builder and the price will go up 50% to cover his profits.

NO 1 is find Building land at the right price then decide the style and what you can afford.

Here is some photos and Videos.

This Style is so easy to build 290,000 baht, This style is a quick Build 5 weeks or less with 4 men.

The Villa in the Video below is 250.000 baht build in 4 weeks

You can Build larger Units 90 square meters for about 380,000 baht

We have land for sale in UdonThani

House plots 1600 square meters only 250,000 baht

Land for sale large and small plots from 250,000 per 1 rai plots