Thailand The Transport Ministry has announced plans to limit big-bike riders speed limits and ban lane Splitting. Big-bike riders will be limited to 80 kilometers per hour in built-up areas for safety.

Officials said on Tuesday that under the “lane-splitting” ban, big-bike riders would not be permitted to ride between vehicles. They would have to wait for traffic lights behind other vehicles in traffic lanes.

So many deaths in Thailand ever day.

They would be required to limit their speed at 80kph in urban and community areas, he said.

The ministry would also require big-bike riders to undergo specially-designed tests before obtaining big bike driving licenses. There will be special test fields for big bike riders and riders would also undergo simulations of danger-prone situations.

The ministry would require foreign tourists to show a motorcycle licenses while renting big-bikes in the country. The motorcycle licenses requirement never previously existed in Thailand.

Many foreigners have died in motorcycle accidents in the country, over the past few years. Mainly for riding big-bikes at high speed or riding them while intoxicated.

Don’t Drink and Drive helps a Lot