Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars in UdonThani

If you have money you can have everything

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This is a tricky section to write but let’s begin with a list of singles bars and nightclubs to pick up Udon Thani girls so here it is:

The two main areas for singles nightlife would be around Nutty Park and also Day & Night around Soi Sampan. The party doesn’t run very late here so you should head out early and hope to have picked up an Udon Thani girl for a one night stand as quick as you can.

Night life in UdonThani after dark

But, anytime you are dealing with nightlife in Thailand there are going to be tons of prostitutes at bars, clubs, and around the streets. They don’t all have that scarlet letter on their forehead either so knowing who is who is tricky.

We aren’t going to be covering the Go Go’s or massage parlors here as we are trying to help you hook up for free, not to pay to get laid. If you want to pay that is your own business and you will see numerous options all around you.

The thing is, even in the normal bars and clubs that we have listed here some prostitutes will be out and about. If you find it really easy to pull an Udon Thani girl to hook up with that first night there is a big time chance she is a hooker.

On the other hand Thai girls are pretty easy to hook up with whether you are paying or not, so you may not never know until she leaves your room and either asks for money or not. Just politely ask before you leave the bar or club with her in a light hearted way, along the lines of ‘if we do this do you want me to pay you?’

If she says no then great, if she says yes well that is up to you. The Center Point Night Market should have less hookers around than the main nightlife areas so if you don’t want to pay it may be a better spot.

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