Toll Cottage UdonThani

Some men can do all trades so pay Them 600 baht per day

Building a Good Size Cottage or lodge house in Thailand at a fair Cost.

4 men will take 4 weeks to Complete 4 men x 500 per day = 2000 baht per day = 12,000 baht per week 4 Week x 12,000 baht = 48,000 baht

PAY LOCAL BUILDER 600 BAHT A DAY AND GET QUALITY workers who can do welding, Roofing, Electrical and plumbing work And Tiling.

Plans to build the Cottage only 500 baht

Plans to build the cottage only 500 baht includes shipping in Thailand. The full set of drawings Covers Foundations Roof and Specifications


Building the Foundations and roof

70,000 baht Complete That’s the hardest part

3 Weeks to build all the wall and Tile the Floor

Complete cottage Ready to Use

You can Build for a lot less if you use Concrete blocks sand and Cement

If you would like to Come and see the House or Stay in it for a few days you are welcome 0868 592 986 We have the drawings For sale only 500 baht

includes Delivery in Thailand. You can buy today online and pay with paypal.


Drawings for the 1 bedroom Villa Leeya Resort UdonThani


This block No1 for swimming pools

Foundation Blocks 15 baht each includes delivery
Blocks 5.5 baht includes Delivery