Udon Thani is a provincial capital city in northeast Thailand. Wat Phothisomphon is a Buddhist temple complex from the 1800s, with a 21st-century pagoda. In Udon Thani Park, Nong Prachak Lake has an island with a plant-filled garden. The Udon Sunshine Orchid Farm grows a breed of orchids known for their fragrance. East of the city is Ban Chiang, an archaeological site with Bronze Age farming and burial artifacts.

The top attractions to visit in Udon Thani are: UD Night Market. Nong Prajak Public Park. CentralPlaza Udonthani. Ban Chiang Museum. Phu Prabhat Historical Park

Udon Thani Tourist Attractions. Amphoe Ban Phu. This district, which is 42 kilometers north-west of Udon Thani, has an unusual mix of pre-historic cave

Tourist Attraction close to UdonThani City or a few Hrs Drive in the Car.

KamChanod a must to visit very popular
Lotus Temple Not far from UdonThani City in the Car

This is ‘Talay Bua Daeng‘; the ‘Red Lotus Sea’. … Although Nong Han Lake is nicknamed the Red Lotus Sea or Red Lotus Lake, local experts tell me the pink-coloured flowers are actually tropical water lilies. … Nong Han Kumphawapi Lake

Lotus lake same again not farm from UdonThani in the car
Next Door to Hell on EARTH
Hell on Earth Close to UdonThani
40 min from UdonThani but Excellent place to Visit.
Nong khai Aquarium worth a visit

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