Family Fishing for low Money you don’t need to pay 1000s of baht to fish

We offer a lot for small money Accommodation and Fishing 850 baht per day. For fishing and your Accommodation we will also give you free Use of a Motor bike with your Stat. + 66 0868 592 986 Leeya Fishing lake UdonThani

Fish and stay at leeya Fishing lake

Start price for Fishing 250 baht for 4 hrs

Mekong giant catfish, giant Mekong catfish

Cat Fish small and large

The Mekong giant catfish is the world’s largest freshwater specie, the Fish Thailand venues to target the Mekong giant catfish are Bungsamlan & Shadow Lake, where these incredible fish can be caught all year round. The Bungsamran lake record stands at approximately 100.0kg (220lb), with the average Mekong giant catfish at Bungsamran weighing 30lb. Both Shadow Lake and Bungsamlan are home to Mekong giant catfish to 120 – 140 Kg (264 – 308lb).

Fishing on a Budget or do you want to spend 3000 baht per day or More ?

Our Fishing lake is Budget priced and everyone is welcome 250 baht for 4 hrs,

LEEYA Fishing lake and Leeya fishing park UdonThani.

 A Private & Exclusive Fishing Lake For Hire. Fishing Holiday in UdonThani Thailand. If any fishermen want to enjoy a good days fishing,then I suggest you LEEYA FISHING PARK UDONTHANI.

Leeya fishing lake in UdonThani We offer inexpensive fishing Holidays

Our Fishing cottages at Leeya Fishing lake UdonThani
Over 500 stocked fish in the fish pond now.
Catch and Eat Fishing options at LEEYA FISHING PARK UDON Thani

 Leeya’s Fishing Park Udon Thani – Fishing Holiday in Thailand

Leeya’s Fishing Park Udon Thani: Leeya’s Resort – Fishing park UdonThani

When you fish at leeya Resort Fishing park you get access to luxury accommodation as well.

Private 1 bedroom Fishing villa 50 meters from the fish pond 599 baht per day

Family fishing Holidays in UdonThani

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