Songkran 2020 in Thailand will begin on Monday, April 13

and ends on Wednesday, April 15

Songkran is the most important day in Thailand and it officially takes place on the 13th of April each year. During Songkran, people are celebrating Buddhist New Year and that celebration goes on for at least three days, from 13th of April until 15th of April. Nowadays, Songkran is widely known for its water festivals and water fights in Thailand, but these festivities are just part of Songkran. This guide will help you to better understand what is celebrated and where you should go to get the complete Songkran experience.

What Happens During Songkran?

Starting early morning on April 13th, people celebrate Songkran in many different ways. It is an exceptional day, and the water ceremony will take many forms. Initially, you are only supposed to sprinkle your family with a tiny cup of water. It’s good luck. You also sprinkle a statue of Buddha very respectfully and do a little pray.

The Songkran Festival is a national holiday in Thailand. It marks the beginning of the Thai New Year.

Songkran 2020 in Thailand

Everybody will join the Songkran festivities, kids, teens mostly, but also adults and tourists, divided into two camps: the ‘Strategically Ambushed‘ by the roadside with plenty of water ammunition, and the ‘Mobile Units‘ in the back of pick up trucks. Shops and supermarket make fortunes selling all kinds of colourful and humongous water guns. But the best weapon remains the good old plastic bowl and a big tank of icy cold water!

Songkran is the most important day in Thailand.
Songkran is the most important day in Thailand