Tourists to get unlimited 30-day extensions to stay after ‘visa amnesty’ ends

Foreigners staying in the country on any form of tourist visa will be allowed to repeatedly renew their permits to stay with immigration for periods of 30 days at a time after the ‘visa amnesty’ ends on Sept 26, the Immigration Bureau announced

New Arrivals not as simple into Thailand

Gen Pornchai explained that any tourists unable to return home after Sept 26 due to illness are to apply for an extension to stay by applying at an Immigration office and presenting a medical certificate to prove they are unfit to fly.

However, those who are unable to return home due to lack of flights or other circumstances in their home country must present a letter from their home country’s embassy or consulate in Thailand requesting that the foreign be allowed to continue to temporarily stay in the Kingdom, Gen Pornchai added.

Foreigners will be granted 30 days’ stay each time, Gen Pornchai said.

However, if the tourist’s circumstances have not changed within the 30 days, they can apply for another 30 days’ stay, he added.

Gen Pornchai did not confirm whether a new letter from the foreigner’s embassy will be required with every application for an extension to stay from the same foreigner.

Gen Pornchai did warn that the visa amnesty for all visa types will end on Sept 26.

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