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Everything is quiet in Thailand UdonThani is the same

Udon Thani Nightlife: Bars, Nightclubs

Nightlife in Udon Thani Feels Authentic

UdonThani Night life before Covid 19

The great thing about Udon Thani is that it feels a bit more authentic than the other popular cities in Thailand. And because it is far from  Bangkok, Many tourists don’t bother coming here. And this is exactly why you can have an amazing time in Udon Thani. It is still not “spoiled” like some of the other popular tourist visited cities in Thailand. There is always an abundance of girls here. The bar girl hostesses are OK (not the best in Thailand), but the normal women can be very hot. And it is no surprise that many expats move here with their Girlfriends

Most places are quiet with covid 19 in UdonThani At Day and night

Beer Bars in Udon Thani

In Udon Thani there are two main beer bar areas and the great thing is that they are very close to each other. It is less than a 10 minute walk distance to get to either place. If you are familiar beer bars then you know what to expect. These bars are great to kick off your nightlife fun in Udon thani and enjoy a nice cold beer or two. There will be Thai girl hostesses available to hang out with you if you want, and the general vibe is friendly and relaxing. You will also see some older expats chilling here as many of them have retired here. You can watch sports on T.V. or play pool. Prices are very reasonable at both places. Here are the two beer bar complexes in Udon Thani:

UdonThani night life at the Clubs Before Covid 19 hit UdonThani

Day & Night

Day & Night is probably the most popular beer bar complex in Udon Thani. It is like a small red light area with bars both inside the complex and a few scattered around the street it is on – Samphat Thamit Alley. This street is considered Udon Thani’s main tourist bar street possibly the most popular nightlife area for foreign men.

And because it is a tourist area you will sometimes also see some freelancers around. The complex itself is not that small and has many beer bars inside. See for yourself which ones you like.

The Good old days in UdonThani before Covid 19 killed the night life


Generally the scene starts to pick up as the evening starts, so after 6 PM is when you will see more bar hostesses. Another thing to remember is that the most the bars will close around 1 AM. Generally the Udon Thani nightlife slows down after this time.

Nutty Park

Nutty park is the other beer bar hot spot located just a bit south of Day & Night. As you can see in the picture the entrance is not that big. You just walk in that small alley and you will see beer bars lined up and around the back area. Nutty park also starts to pick up after 6 PM and starts to wind down after midnight. By the way, if you want to find a ladyboy in Hua Hin you can usually see some freelancers in the evening — in this area and at the entrance of the street that Day & Night is on.

Nutty park Udonthani


  • Drinks: 60-100 Baht for most drinks
  • Lady Drinks: 120-140 Baht
  • Bar Fine: 300 Baht

Nightclubs in Udon Thani

Udon Thani has a few well-known nightclubs that you should be aware of. And the great thing is that they are not that far from another. If you don’t like the vibe of one of them you can always go check out another. Just remember that all the clubs in Udon Thani must close at 2 AM.

The Pheonix

The Pheonix is one the newest nightclubs in Udon Thani. It is also one of the hippest at the crowd is slightly younger than the other clubs. Many cute girls here, and the vibe is fun and exciting. Music is of great quality.

Pheonix Club - Udon Thani

Yellow Bird

The Yellow Bird is a Thai style nightclub in Udon Thani. It has seating and a live music. It gets busy and has a nice vibe to it. The reason I put this one first is because it usually has a lot of hot local Thai girls inside. It is located next to the Chaoren Hotel just south of Central Plaza. You will only see a handful of foreigners here, but it worth checking out. It is also great to take a local girl for a date there. It is one of the smaller clubs in Udon Thani but the quality is good.

Yellow Bird Club

Tawan Daeng

It is called a Tawan Daeng Pub but it is really a Thai style nightclub with a live band. It is very popular among Thais but you will also see foreigners here – more than the other nightclubs. The set up has tables and seating where locals sit in groups ordering bottles of Whiskey. Many cute local women here.

Tawan Daeng Pub 2

If you want more options you can also check these clubs:

  • Rythm: Located in Napalai hotel. Is a bit farther from the other clubs above. You could easily go there by getting a tuk-tuk. Also has a younger crowd.
  • 20UP: One of the newer clubs, it also has a younger crowd. It is a Thai style venue with life music and sexy Thai women.

Also keep in mind that there are a couple more small bars around the Nutty Park area that can be considered Thai nightclubs. Just check out the scene for yourself and see what you like.

Massages in Udon Thani

As we proceed with this Udon Thani nightlife guide we come to the massage shops and parlors. You have a couple options for soapy massage and for sensual  style. Check out the options below.

Your best bet for these relaxing types of massages is around the touristy Nutty park area. You will find small massage clinics with women working in them. Whether or not they do specialty massages is up to them.

Remember that Udon Thani is not the same as Pattaya or Patong. Things are not in your face here, so it will be up to the masseuse what other special massages she knows. That being said, it is very possible to get these services from them. Just use your own judgement. Usually the women that seem very interested in giving a great massage will let you know. Check out below for the prices to expect at these massage shops.


  • Traditional Thai Massage: 200 Baht
  • Oil Massage: 300 Baht
  • Other Specialty Massages: 500-1000 Baht

Soapy Massage

Udon thani does not have a big soapy massage scene. It has one typical soapy massage parlor (Oscar) and another private style massage parlor (inside Grand Naga Hotel). They are both worth checking and seeing what you can find.


Oscar is your typical Thai fishbowl style soapy massage parlor in Udon Thani. If that is what you are looking for then this is the place for you. The best thing to do is walk in, greet the papasan, and check the massage specialists in the fishbowl. Getting a drink is also a good idea as you can relax and see what you really like. There will be around 20 massage ladies to choose from. A few will be “special” side line ladies and the rest will the regular ladies.


  • Regular women: 1600 Baht
  • Sideline women: 1900 Baht

Grand Naga Hotel

This massage is like a mix of a soapy and a KTV. You can see the lineup of masseuse women and get to spend time with them privately in a room to drink or to hang out. She will give you a massage and you can come to an agreement on any other massage services you want. This all has to be negotiated with you and the girl.


  • Traditional Thai Massage: 380 Baht
  • Oil Massage: 650 Baht
  • Other Specialty Massages: 500-1000 Baht

Women in Udon Thani

I know many of you guys like to meet freelancers. But let me tell you now that the scene is not like Pattaya beach road. You will not see them all over. You really have 2 options:

A) Find them online using the dating sites (check out my guide). This is better since most the women feel more comfortable over the phone.

B) Find them around the foreign beer bar areas, especially at the intersection of Samphan Thamit Alley and Prajak Sillapakom streets. This is close to the Nutty Park area. It is also the entrance of the street that leads to the Day & Night complex.

Conclusion on the Udon Thani Nightlife

I think now you have a great idea what to expect here. As I was saying before, as long as you know what to expect here I think it can be a great place. I know guys that prefer to be here over Bangkok and Pattaya. That should tell you something. But they like it for the reasons I mentioned above. Udon Thani is amazing for guys that want a peaceful and relaxing vibe, at very affordable prices. If this is the type of experience you want then you should do just fine here. If you are expecting this place to be like Pattaya or Patong then you might be disappointed. It is really up you what you want. But either way, it is amazing for a few days side trip to experience something new. And that is the great thing about the Udon Thani nightlife.