The govt stole and continues to steal from me. While those politicians continue to get paid for doing NOTHING!

It’s estimated that there are over 50 million pensioners–in the United States alone. Like the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Italy, Germany and many other countries around the world are all in big trouble when it comes to the solvency of their pension funds

A ballooning retiree population over the coming years is likely to force the government to print more money in order to support pensioners, and this will create a good environment for gold, said Robert Kiyosaki, author of Who Stole My Pension? How You Can Stop the Looting. “In the next ten years, two billion old guys like me will retire. Two billion, all over the world. This is a global crisis,” Kiyosaki told Kitco News. “I’m buying gold and silver, I love silver, because it’s cheap.” He added that the government will have to print more money to cover a massive shortfall of money for retirees.

When I started seeing Russia and China accumulate gold since 2015. I knew something was up.
Listen and learn and share the info with others

I believe the US should return all troops home and stop all wars and redirect the funds for 3 key things: 1. infrastructure 2. reduce size of government immediately by at least 70-80% 3. Abolish Fed Res Act of 1913, create new National Bank owned & operated by citizens, NOT private banks NOT government. The new National Bank will be created by people including but not limited to: Ron Paul, Mike Maloney, Greg Mannarino, Catherine Austin Fitts, Mark Skidmore, Alan Meyers (forensic accountant), Kim & Robert Kiyosaki, Edward Griffin, Tom Wheelright, Lynette Zang, Rand Paul, Max Keiser, Stacey Herbert, Jim Willie, Rob Kirby, Chris Hedges, Michael Hudson, Peter Schiff, David Quintieri, Mike (Rethink the Dollar), Dunagan (Reluctant Preppers), Greg Hunter, Bill Murphy (GATA), Zero Hedge, John Williams (ShadowStats), Craig Hemke, Michael Pento, Stefan Molyneux, Gerald Celente, Josh & John (WAM), Chris Martenson, Kip Simpson, etc. This would be paid work, obviously, that would secure the liberty and rights, including the right to own property, of we the people. The template National Bank will be implemented in US and Canada, and any other country wanting INDIVIDUAL liberty & prosperity.