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Anyone eligible to enter must obtain a Certificate of Entry (COE) from their local Thai embassy or consulate. … Requirements may differ between groups of eligible travelers. … Whether or not travel to Bangkok for tourism purposes in December is It worth all the Expense for 4 weeks Holidays ?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) travel restrictions in Thailand – updated October, 2020

Who can travel to Thailand?

Only a limited number of foreign nationals from specific categories are permitted to enter, and they are listed on the Thai Civil Aviation Authority.

On 15 September, the Cabinet approved a proposal to issue long stay tourist visas. These Special Tourist Visas will allow visitors to stay for 90 days, and the visa can be extended twice, which comes to a total of 270 days in Thailand.

International arrivals will have to undergo mandatory quarantine for 14 days, must show evidence of a confirmed accommodation booking, and agree to comply with measures set by the Ministry of Public Health.

Starting 1 October, the visa will be open to foreign nationals traveling from countries with low or no local COVID-19 transmission. A limit of 300 tourists per week in October will help give the government an idea on the level of risk. If the first two groups of 300 foreigners complete their 14 days of quarantine (on 15 October and 21 October) without a positive case, the ministry may increase in the number of tourists per week from 1 November.

Anyone who is eligible must contact their local Thai Embassy in their current location for more information.

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