Nightlife in Udon Thani – Bars and Clubs

Just about every hotel in Udon Thani is guest friendly, or girl friendly

  • Tawan Daeng Pub – A live music venue that’s a favourite hang-out for young Thais. And well-liked by westerners knowledge of Udon Thani nightlife. The Tawan Daeng Pub is at the rear of Central Plaza on Thikhananon Road near to the Centara Hotel & Convention Centre.
  • Yellow Bird Nightclub – Another live music club that’s part of the Charoen Hotel complex on Phosri Road and a short walk away from the main nightlife drag. The Yellow Bird rates as one of the best nightspots in Udon Thani.
  • Vogue Club – A trendy Thai disco and live music spot in the Hi-Tech Bar Complex on Thahan Road near Udon Thani Rajabhat University – that means lots of university students go there.
  • Rhythm Club & Bar – Part of the Napalai Hotel complex and ranked by many as Udon Thani’s top nightclub. It’s a late-night venue on Pracharaksa Road and is a ten-minute ride from the city centre and an excellent place to pull a Thai girl or hamstring.
  • UD Pub – Yet another popular music bar with the spotlight on live music and fun, fun, fun. The UD Pub is in Phon Phisai Road (off Thahan Road) at the Nong Prajak Park side of the city and is approximately a ten-minute taxi ride from Central Plaza.
  • Wolverine Go-Go Bar – Udon Thani’s only go-go bar is on Adunyadet Road and is in walking distance from the main nightlife area.
#Bars & Clubs in Udon Thani
  • Day & Night Bar Complex – A ‘cowshed’ hosting a barrel of bars which on a busy night combine to create a great atmosphere. There’s plenty of bar girls at the Day & Night, all keen to please their customers. A fun venue if you’re with the right crowd. Day & Night nestles in the bosom of the nightlife action on Sampanthamit Road.
  • Nutty Park – A gig of 20 or so bars near the night markets and a popular pick-up point for anyone in need of a Thai bar girl’s company. It has a lot of bar regulars who go there for the social side of things, and some bars sell food too. Nutty Park is a place I strongly recommend for singles.
#Bars & Clubs in Udon Thani

Udon Thani Nightlife: 8 Clubs

#Bars & Clubs in Udon Thani

Udon Thani may not be that acclaimed contrasted with different urban communities and regions in the nation, for example, Bangkok and Pattaya yet once you attempt Udon Thani, you would without a doubt have some good times too with their traveler spots, for example, the city’s Focal Court, Playport Water Stop, sanctuaries and exhibition halls and obviously Udon Thani nightlife scenes. If you want to witness the best of Udon Thani, Thailand nightlife, give a read to the list below and consider these places for having a surreal experience while holidaying there.

Top 8 Bars And Clubs To Enjoy Udon Thani Nightlife 2021

#Bars & Clubs in Udon Thani