The Red Lotus Lake, Nong Han Kumphawapi is situated about 45 kilometers from Udon Thani city

Nong Han Lake, about fifty kilometers from Udon Thani, near the small town of Kumphawapi is a beautiful place to visit from December to March it is partly covered with pink lotus flowers.

Nong Han is a large freshwater lake that covers the area of Kumphawapi district and some parts of Prachaksilapakom district in Udon Thani the province in northeastern Thailand. The rich and abundant ecosystem at Nong Han is a good prototype for ecological study due to there being a completely perfect relationship between plants and creatures here, and also their productiveness serves the villagers to live their life and community. So that this is the reflection of Nong Han from time to time until it has become the natural beauty of life that many people aspire for.

Whereas the plentiful of livings in Nong Han is still existing very well and the numerous of red lotus spread out in the lake is as a proof of that. So, it is unsurprising that there is a vast number of red lotus that are overspread distantly. This is can be a valuable natural field study of ecology besides a place where you can enjoy it for leisure proposes only.

Red Lotus Lake (Nong Han)
Red Lotus Lake (Nong Han)

The flawless beauty of the red lotus lake is created by nature. Once they are blooming at the same time resulting in charismatic scenery as paradise, while the various livings here play their role according to the circle of life, including humans, plants, freshwater fish, local birds and so on those areas a heart of this ecosystem that has nurtured to the red lotus and community sustainability.

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When to see the Red Lotus Lake

A peak period to visit Nong Han is from October – to March annually as this is a time that the red lotus is blooming all around the lake. The red lotus flowers are bursting and flowering in October, then they are continuously blooming and the period is between December – February, and then decreasing in March until enter the period called “Rotten Lotus” or perishing lotus. Anyhow, while these perished lotuses are becoming a good fertilizer for a new lotus. And instead, there is ‘Sacred Lotus’ replaced in the lake that provides another ambiance and scene. And this is so-called another profit for the villager since they can gather this lotus to earn money before the productivity of the red lotus next October.

How to go to the Red Lotus Lake

The Red Lotus Lake, Nong Han Kumphawapi is situated about 45 kilometers from Udon Thani City, to go there by car can take highway number 2 (Udon Thani – Kumphawapi) head to the 26th kilometer, and then turn left to the route Huay Sam Pard – Prachak Silapakom and head about 18 kilometers. By bus, get the bus Bangkok – Udon Thani and drop off at Kumphawapi district, and then take a minibus.

Private boat Hire ar the lotus lake UdonThani

Selection of boats

There are 2 types of boats are

  • Small: fare price is THB300 / boat / 2-3 people
  • Large: fare price is THB500 / boat / 8 people

    *** for safety, the life vests are available in all boats ***

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